We Accept Passenger Vehicle Load EPS Delivery 

Nature’s Wood Products wants your clean EPS (Styrofoam).  This is the white foam material commonly used to protect TVs, consumer electronics, and small appliances and other fragile items during shipment. 

Acceptance Policy: We will accept passenger vehicle amounts of clean household EPS (plastics code #6) that is not contaminated with other materials or waste (such as food, metal, dirt, or other plastics).  It will be accepted loose in bags, cardboard boxes, or any other manner that effectively contains the material for ease of loading or unloading.

Wet, dirty or painted EPS will not be accepted.  Please remove all tape or bar code stickers.  We cannot accept EPS glued to corrugated cardboard/wood. 

There is NO CHARGE to drop off passenger vehicle amounts of EPS. 

Commercial Service

Companies with large amounts of EPS are invited to contact our office before delivery.  Please note that we may be able to collect your EPS, depending upon the amounts and location.  We also accept delivery via USPS postal service or similar method.

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Styrofoam Recycling

Nature's Wood Products provides Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) recycling service.  Commonly known as Styrofoam, this material is a primary contributor to landfill waste.  We are dedicated to helping your business with viable options to recycle your Styrofoam waste.  We provide large poly bags for the collection of EPS and regularly scheduled pick-ups of the material. 

Once collected, its brought back to our recycling center where it is shredded and compacted to remove all of the air.  From there, it is shipped to a variety of manufacturers to be used to create new consumer products like toys, hangers and rulers. 

Did You Know?

It's estimated that EPS makes up to 30% of landfill space by volume.  EPS is non-biodegradable and lasts forever in a landfill.  Working with us to remove your EPS waste stream will provide financial benefits through waste diversion and countless environmental benefits.
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